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Since 1990, NMD Realty has helped families find quality rental properties to live in. We specialize in managing duplexes in the Tarrant County area. Please check out our "Properties for Lease" section and you will see why renting from us will be the best decision you have ever made.

Services 1. What we Provide

Property Presentation

  • We present our rental properties to the largest available rental market possible. We are constantly checking current market conditions, allowing us to rent our properties at the best market rate.

  • Our online listing system enables prospective tenants to see when vacancies are coming up so they can act accordingly to a property they like.


Tenant Screening

  • We do a thorough credit and reference check before the lease is signed, including checking history with the credit bureau, verifying employment, and all appropriate references including contacting past landlords.

  • We take the time with each new resident to explain the benefits and responsibilities of leasing a home from us to ensure our property is cared for and maintained. We collect fair and appropriate security and pet deposits


Property Checks

  • We constantly perform spot checks and announced routine inspections.

  • We do seasonal maintenance checks prior to Winter and Summer to insure the A/C and Heating is working effectively before severe weather hits.


Property Maintenance

  • We provide qualified, licensed and bonded vendors to make all repairs.  We pride ourselves in making repairs.  We communicate with our tenants when a vendor will come out, and make sure repairs are done to the satisfaction of the vendor before payment is made.  This insures repairs are done right the first time.

  • We help avoid costly repairs through routine preventive inspections.


Billing/Rent Process

  • All invoices are sent out 10 days before the rent is due. We use email to communicate any issues and repairs to help keep our operating costs low. This allows us to keep our rent rates competitive.  We also use online bill pay to help our tenants pay quickly and easily.

NMD Realty

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