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About Us


Who Are We?​

NMD Realty is approaching our 30 year anniversary in 2020. Many of our customers stay with us for 1-2 years, 4-5 years and in some cases up to 10 years.  We invite you to look at the properties we have to offer and know that we are committed to serving all our clients with concern and passion.

Our mission is to build strong relationships with our customers and offer personalized service.   We utilize technology to assist with effective systems such as emailed rental invoices, online tenant approval process, online payments for our customers and automated availability on this website. We insist on honesty and integrity in all of our business dealings.

Our Application Process

After completing the application and submitting the $30.00 non-refundable application fee, NMD Realty will process the application.  You will be notified when you have been approved or disapproved, which usually happens within 24 to 48 hours , depending on the accessibility of your references and the accessibility of the owner of the property. Applications will only be given to prospective tenants at the time of the viewing appointment. We are not allowed to pre-lease homes. Contact our office to arrange viewing appointments. We can be reached at 817-637-6176.


Upon notification that your application has been approved, you will need to pay the security deposit in full by certified funds. The property will continue to be marketed until the security deposit is received. A property will be held no longer than two weeks (14 days) before the first month's rent is due.

NMD Realty does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, handicap, or familial status.


A rental application must be completed by every applicant and occupant who is over the age of 18 (each must have a state-issued driver's license or state identification card). We reserve the right to discontinue the verification process of an application once negative information is found on either the credit report or through other references given by the applicant.


What We Look for in an Applicant


A minimum of two years residential history is required
. We do contact current and previous landlords during the application process.


You must be currently employed and/or provide additional source(s) of verifiable income that meet property income requirements. Total household income must exceed three times the rent amount. If you are a self-employed individual, you may be asked to supply 2 years of tax returns to verify income.


Your credit report will be reviewed, any outstanding residential debt is unacceptable.  Cosigners are not accepted.

Criminal History
NMD Realty will reject applicants with any felony convictions, adjudicated verdicts, firearm charges, or crimes against persons or property. This applies to all residents and occupants. (As defined in Chapter 481.000 of the State of Texas Health and Safety Code).


All of the above information will be provided to the property owner.  Each application will be considered on it's merits.  In some instances an additional security deposit may be required.


Obtaining an Application

Click on our "Services" tab to download and complete a rental application.

Kris Meier - Property Manager


Phone: 817-637-6176

Kris formed NMD Realty in 1990 with the single desire of providing quality housing for growing families, single moms and retired adults in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 


He started with a single 2 bedroom duplex and has since moved to renting out 3 bedroom duplexes.  While on vacation, Kris fulfills his love for adventure through visiting Disneyworld, Universal and SeaWorld every year with his family.  He loves playing video games, reading, attending real estate classes and visiting local museums. 

NMD Realty

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